Wilmore, Kentucky

kentucky-trip©2013mileswittboyer.com-4, wilmore kentucky, asbury seminaryMiles and I spent the week in Wilmore, Kentucky working on a shoot for the  Asbury Theological Seminary for some of their new promotional material. This was unlike most of our jobs in that we got to work with family. Miles sister and brother-in-law own a design company called Two Cups and they will be doing all of the post design work once the images are complete.

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Since Miles family lives so far away we rarely get a chance to see them. We sure make it count when we do. I’m sure like all families there are things that really bring you together. With the Easley/Boyer bunch it is a week full of food, coffee, outdoors, love and laughter. As Gavin gets older it is extremely important that he shares that same love for the Easley’s (including his two precious cousins). Now if we could only convince them to move closer!

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Aside from family time, we love visiting Kentucky because of the beautiful landscape of the country side. From the second you step off the plane in Lexington until the time you pull into the Easley mini farm in Wilmore there are miles and miles of white fences, old barnes, and fields full of flowers. Really a photographers dream.

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If not for family, Wilmore would not be my first choice for a vacation but if you are ever in Lexington, make sure you head out of town and it least stop in. If the beauty alone isn’t worth it, stop into the local coffee shop (Solomon’s Porch) and try a 7 layer bar! They are heavenly.


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Check back soon for more Asbury Seminary photos from mileswittboyer.com as well as a to die for Shrimp Etoufee recipe!

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