It’s a…

We had our last doctors visit on March 4th. They told us we had to wait three more weeks to find out the sex of the baby. THREE MORE WEEKS! The anticipation was killing us. I booked my ultrasound for March 27th and then immediately got to the car and called Baby Face (a local ultrasound place). They could get me in that Saturday. SOLD.

Miles, Gavin, and I were all together when we found out the great news. Nobody even knew we were there. We made it a big deal that Gavin was going to see pictures of his new sibling. He was interested all of 5 minutes before he started climbing on furniture.

Gavin has said from the beginning that he was getting a brother. About a week from the ultrasound he started saying he wanted a sister. Miles and I really had zero preference. A sweet girl to play dress up with would be fun but a rough and tumble boy would also be a blast.

With the exception of a few people, we have been holding out on telling what we were having until we could do some cute photos of Gavin for the reveal. Well in true Boyer fashion, we got busy. So instead we made use of a Silver Dollar City attraction to tell everyone what we are having.


IT’S A BOY!!!!

He has a cute button nose just like gavin had in his first ultrasound. He was squirming and moving all around for the photos. We are are over the moon excited!


On March 15th Miles and I both felt Baby B kick on the outside. Such a special moment when you first feel movement. It just makes things so real. Since then he has become so active. I’m pretty sure he will play soccer one day.

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