It’s a…

We had our last doctors visit on March 4th. They told us we had to wait three more weeks to find out the sex of the baby. THREE MORE WEEKS! The anticipation was killing us. I booked my ultrasound for March 27th and then immediately got to the car and called Baby Face (a local ultrasound place). They could get me in that Saturday. SOLD.

Miles, Gavin, and I were all together when we found out the great news. Nobody even knew we were there. We made it a big deal that Gavin was going to see pictures of his new sibling. He was interested all of 5 minutes before he started climbing on furniture.

Gavin has said from the beginning that he was getting a brother. About a week from the ultrasound he started saying he wanted a sister. Miles and I really had zero preference. A sweet girl to play dress up with would be fun but a rough and tumble boy would also be a blast.

With the exception of a few people, we have been holding out on telling what we were having until we could do some cute photos of Gavin for the reveal. Well in true Boyer fashion, we got busy. So instead we made use of a Silver Dollar City attraction to tell everyone what we are having.


IT’S A BOY!!!!

He has a cute button nose just like gavin had in his first ultrasound. He was squirming and moving all around for the photos. We are are over the moon excited!


On March 15th Miles and I both felt Baby B kick on the outside. Such a special moment when you first feel movement. It just makes things so real. Since then he has become so active. I’m pretty sure he will play soccer one day.

Wrinkles Be Gone! –


In all the chaos that this year is bringing I decided to start a new venture! I know I am crazy but I just can’t help myself when  good thing comes along.

I am a huge skeptic when it comes to selling anything. I see those videos and infomercials and I just know those people are fake or airbrushed to perfection. I buy a work out DVD set and really push hard for 3 months then take a few days off and next thing I know it has been a month and I haven’t touched the things.

I kept seeing stuff posted on Facebook about this miracle product that was changing the way people look at skincare. YEAH RIGHT! But the curiosity got the best of me and I shot my friend a text and said what they heck are you selling?

Well here I am writing a post about the exact thing she was selling. I am now part of the Jeunesse Global team and couldn’t be more excited about the products and the opportunity to back a product that I know works and a full line of products that have the potential to affect not only myself but my husband.

Tonight’s proof that this stuff really works. I got my Instantly Ageless product in and immediately wanted to make sure that I could 100% see the results and see the transformation first hand. My dad of all people was my first tester.

Now if any of you know my dad he is not one to use product. For as long as I can remember he has used that terrible bar soap that I swear has sand paper in it by his sink. No special face wash. No facial product. That just isn’t him. He has definitely aged well over the years but like all people he has some lines. Specifically some crows feet right next to his eyes, a few wrinkles on the forehead, and some spots under his eyes.

He sat down in the chair, I put the instantly ageless one side of his face, waited two minutes, and the results blew me away. See for yourself. No photo shop or anything like that.

001We had a little extra so why not see what mom thinks. She has very few wrinkles, just the normal lines that start to appear over time. Check out her before and after.

002If you want to test this product out yourself contact me directly to purchase a sample OR trust me that it works and head on over to and buy some today. Poke around at the other product lines that they offer as well. I am going to be testing out the Luminesce line and Miles (my very supportive husband) is pumped about the Zen line as an addition to his daily workout routine.

Please contact me in the site listed above if you want to know more about the products or would like to join our team and see what the hype is all about! Don’t be the last to join. You won’t be sorry you signed up!

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