2015 – A year of new things

Once again, I have neglected my blog. My excuse this time is just life. I keep waiting for things to slow down and I don’t know why I am surprised when we just keep getting busier. To be honest, we bring it on ourselves.

2015 is starting to be the busiest of all. Here is a little of what to expect from the Boyer’s.

Photography – We continue to be blessed with a growing business. Growing  team, full season, and some pretty great locations. All of the guys are about to get into the thick of wedding season and we are excited to see the beautiful brides we have booked walk down the aisle. The rest of our time is filling up with seniors, families, corporate shoots, and much more. Keep it coming. We love our clients and love the work we do. I don’t do as much photography as I would like to these days. With a very active 3 year old and a full time job there really aren’t enough hours in a day.

Home – We recently sold our “dream land” that we have been preparing to build on for years now. It went quickly and painlessly though. Hopefully the person that purchased it from us will enjoy it as much as we would have. Instead we have decided to build a custom home in a great neighborhood with JSN Properties of NWA. We met with many builders and JSN was the only one that we walked away feeling like they were on our team and wanted our dream home as much as we did. It helps that they are friends of ours. We were lucky enough to have shot their destination wedding years ago. We have settled on a floor plan and are just waiting to break ground. I know building a house can be stressful but once it is done it will all be worth it. We hope to put our current home on the market soon! The market is really good right now so hopefully it will move quickly as well. Yes that means if it sells we will be homeless and likely moving twice. YIKES!

Future Home Site

Building a home should be all that you take on in a single year BUT we love to keep things interesting. So on top of it all our family is growing. No we aren’t getting another dog! The Boyer three will be the Boyer four around August 11th! I’m sure you are thinking we are crazy right now. You are probably right. Baby B will likely arrive before our new home is complete. I am laughing out loud as I type this. I will go ahead and answer all of the normal questions that we have been getting.

bigbro.winner bigbro.mwb-4 bigbro.mwb-5 bigbro.mwb-6 bigbro.mwb-7 bigbro.mwb-8

Was this planned – yes we were trying to have a baby. In true Boyer fashion, we were pregnant before we had really come to terms with the fact that we wanted another baby.

bigbro.mwb-9When did we find out – in Taos, NM. We went out for a wedding and to see Miles family and I took a test while I was there.

bigbro.mwb-11When did I tell my family –  We told everyone on Christmas day. I had wrapped up a package addressed to Gavin and took it over to my parents. After Gavin, Cade, and Harper opened gifts I told gavin we had missed one. Everyone was confused about where it came from. He opened it up and held up a shirt that said “BIG BROTHER”. My mom and sis started screaming and causing a scene. I think my sister even threw a box in the air she was holding. Dad and Joe took a little longer to catch on. We captured it all on video. We proceeded to tell a few additional family members on my side and miles family over the phone. Then of course we had to go over to the Post’s. We had baked and decorated gingerbread men by request of Gavin. Gavin decorated his man, Miles decorated his, and then I decorated mine with a baby on the front. We wrapped it up and took it over to them. Ashely had stopped by the house less than a month before with a bag of cookies from the mall with a note on it that said “If I am getting fat so art you”. I didn’t get it at first but it turns out she was pregnant. Being pregnant with your best friend is a blast!

bigbro.mwb-13How have you been feeling – Until about week 13 I was miserable. Food was absolutely repulsive. I might have gone to the grocery store twice during those three months. I didn’t eat anything I cooked which means I didn’t cook. We ate out more than we ever have before. The tricky part was once I ate something I was done with it. Not going back. Ginger ale and this HORRIBLE ginger gum from Walgreens is really all that kept me going. Not to mention the fact that I would go home at lunch and take a nap. By my first check up I had gained one pound. I feel a little more human now and have started eating again. Between all of the middle of the night pee breaks and the crazy dreams, sleeping still isn’t going so great. If you haven’t been pregnant, go ahead and prepare yourself now for some of the most unusual and realistic dreams you will ever have.

bigbro.mwb-3What am I craving – I have had a lot of cravings so far but nothing that has really lasted. I had a week where I was obsessed with BBQ chips. Pickled okra, gummy bears, jelly beans, and chips & salsa are a few of my go to foods. NOT together of course. Loafing Joes in Sprindale makes me really happy. I was craving it for days and finally drove all the way to Springdale on lunch break to get it. Had the whole sandwich gone by the time I got back to the office. Best meal so far has been Mama Z’s lasagna!

bigbro.mwb-12What does Gavin think – He seems excited. When asked if he wants a brother or a sister it is very clear that he only wants a brother. He sometimes talks to my belly and tells baby b hello. He asked me not long ago why I didn’t just take the baby out if it made my belly hurt. I proceeded to tell him that the baby had to grow big and strong first. This sparked questions about how they get the baby out. “Mommy do they cut the baby out of your belly?” I told him that was one of a few ways and quickly changed the subject. He has been sharing his knowledge that there are a few ways babies come out to his other little friends. Thank goodness we didn’t go into any further details! He is also pretty pumped that baby b gets his bed in the new house and he gets his very own big boy bed.

bigbro.mwb-10Do you want a boy or girl – We honestly have no preference. As most of you know I cried when I found out I was having a boy with Gavin. I wanted a girl so bad. Now that I have Gavin I can’t imagine anything other than boys. We of course want a healthy, happy baby but we also want a baby that sleeps since Gavin never did.

Big BrotherSo there is the Boyer update. My hope is to update my blog with baby and house progress as I can. I’m still not really cooking much right now so don’t expect a lot of food photos.


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